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edit: added a little fade examples guide for how finkx body fades work, with what is ok/not ok. Let me know if you still have any questions!! I am happy to answer them c:
I have decided to do a make your own finkx contest!!!


-you must draw and upload an image of your finkx entry to DA so I can add it to the contest folder
-Please follow the rules for the species (finkxes that don't follow the rules will not be counted in the contest and will not be allowed to be made official or to win)
-3 entries max, though only 1 of your finkx entries will be able to win.
-common, and uncommon traits are fair game, but finkxes can only have up to 2 rare traits and 1 mutation or super rare trait.
-Please no halloween themed finkxes, I already have a list of halloween finkxes I'm going to be making that have their own special stuff going on, having one that is fall theemed is ok though (or pretty much any other theme out there, finkxes can have any colors and theme so don't limit yourself to just fall because its october lol)
-Please post a link to your entry here on this journal so I can find it easily and don't miss it for the contest. I will ignore any links sent via note or other method.
-feel free to post questions here! especially so that if someone else has the same question they can see the answer in the comments (I'll feature comments with questions and their answers to make them easier to find)
-finkxes that are made official wether by winning or paying the fee at the end of the contest can only be traded or sold for the same amount that the fee to make then official was.
-Absolutely no tracing or copying of anyone else's art or characters, If i catch anyone copying stuff from others they will be blacklisted from the contest and possibly from further myo/custom/auction events if it is really bad.
-please follow my TOS

(please no glitched contract finkxes for this contest)


common, uncommon and rare trait sheet, also body types: (remember, traits can be mixed together!! you don't have to stick to just one traits appearance as long as it doesn't exceed the rare/mutation/super rare trait limit!)
+SPECIAL WING/EAR NOTE: the markings and colors of the inner wings and the inner ears pretty much always match, they also usually have the same edge type as the ears. I also wanted to make a quick note that inner ears usually have some sort of lacy or interesting design on the inside of them (see finkx examples for examples) and they don't have soft fades on the inside of their ears, but segmented gradients are fine.
Finkx Traits by Aviator33 Finkx Body Types by Aviator33 Finkx Fade Examples Dos And Donts by Aviator33 <<FADE EXAMPLES PLEASE LOOK
Super rare and mutation trait sheet:
 Finkx Super Rare Traits and Mutations by Aviator33

MYO finkx contest ends OCTOBER 31st at midnight southern CA time! so please get your entries uploaded by then.

depending on how many enteries there are will depend on how many winners there will be, but probably around 1-3 winners per 10 entries~

WINNERS WILL GET THEIR FINKX OFFICIAL FOR FREE and also have the option of adding one more rare/super rare/mutation trait to their finkx! they can also have a little doodle headshot if they like of their new finkx (same style as this)

Any designs that don't win will be able to be made official for a fee, probably around 20$-30$ (will be solidified later) (the fee will only be accepted through PAYPAL)


have fun and good luck!!


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United States


COMMISSIONS closed currently
TRADES open to friends and idols
REQUESTS closed unless stated otherwise in a journal


People owe me:

paexiedust two roo customs
PunkOz- 2 pics of rocket boys, need to finish ref for art
lithxe- character design, figure it out and send an idea over soon.
PhloxeButt- check email for progress, halloween bab.
Fumi-LEX- ??? jumpy pixel icons- ideas sent
RebelLuna- art
TheLieutenant- headshot
doeantlers flat color pic
muxloe 4 drawings
MonsterZee 2 digital paintings, sketch book, 1 sculpture, and 1 art doll.
CitrusFoam backgrounded picture and custom design.
NadopT 2 custom designs, 3-4 pictures
Kel-Del 3 arts of some sort
R-WOLFE stuff
Escaron sculpture, figure it out and send ideas over

Current Trades

Trades are currently open to close friends only.

Find Me:


ℜen ℱair ℳonsters
R٥ckets and Jumpℯrs


Please understand that none of my art is free use, Sketches, Characters, Concepts, Icons, etc... If you want to use or reference my art PLEASE ask first, the likely answer will be no, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

To all owners of past sold fall finkxes (that weren't autobought) 

9 deviants said regardless of the auto buy price stated on the finkx auction, and stated auto but prizes, if you want to make up the difference to make your paying amount 250$ I'll make a custom alt version of your fall finkx
3 deviants said someone asked me about this today in a note so I just wanted to make it clear to anyone who might be interested~~


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Aviator33 Featured By Owner 1 day ago   General Artist
ah man!!! I'm deffinitly gonna try this! thank you so much Tess! C:
UsedGum Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey Avi, what closed species are you interested in? ; v ;
Flowergators, Cinnadogs, Sushi Dogs, etc.?
Aviator33 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
hmmm I really adore mantibabs, fumi dragons, giraffaroos, lantern dragons, flower critters, pangaroos, sugarnix, kantis, pangopinos, catpanzees, and a bunch of other ones too, it all really depends on the individual design itself though c:
UsedGum Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Ahh, I'll keep this in mind! Sadly, I don't own any of them at the moment, haha.
Did any/all of these interest you?
And this was my Sushi Dog! And Cinnadog, I guess, if you're interested!
And hey, do you have any other designers that you like that you didn't name, in particular?
I do also have a Griffsnuff design which would be a lot harder to trade, but yeah..!
Oh, and if you're interested in human designs, I could offer this guy!
Wondelust Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Just wanted to let you know that you have GORGEOUS art. The way you use your colors and designs are stunning! I really look up to you for your creativity in using colors to make such complex designs. It's just-- no words to describe it, honestly. I love your Ren Fair species, and a lot of the art you make turns out wonderful.

Just wanted to say that, haha. c:
Aviator33 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
thank you!! that is so nice of you to say c:
Wondelust Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Of course! I also really enjoy seeing you draw pictures of what you dream. It's not often that someone dreams as creatively as that, and is able to actually show it to others. So, super cool. c:
SpottedShadyShadows Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Just felt like making this for you :) I hope you like it<3
Aviator33 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
thank you!!! I love it C:
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